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Furniture integrated enterprise how to layout
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Date: 2017-11-06
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Furniture integration has always been a big hit in the furniture industry. The so-called furniture integration, is to break the original product boundaries, the industry terminal boundaries, from prod...

Furniture integration has always been a big hit in the furniture industry。 The so-called furniture integration, is to break the original product boundaries, the industry terminal boundaries, from product design, processing to logistics, from interior design, furniture products to furniture accessories form a complete chain, but also makes the industry a new imagination。 In other words, not only to sell cabinets to sell cabinets, flooring companies can also extend from one point to more links。 Wooden door products are not only a single wooden door products, there may be extended to other furniture industry。

First, the furniture industry into the inflection point

Last year a year, the furniture industry began a huge fission, the Internet home decoration stirred a pool of spring water, the Internet and e-commerce involvement also make a lot of furniture brands feel the crisis。 Traditional enterprises struggling in the cold, it is learned that in 2015 only a few brands achieved a positive growth。 Some people say that the furniture industry has fully entered the inflection point。 As a very long industry chain industry, the furniture industry, there is a characteristic, that is, each link between the penetration and integration are very low level。

Second, the Internet home improvement entrance

In the trend of furniture integration, home improvement as the gateway to the Internet, driven by the upstream material manufacturers and distributors in the middle and the home improvement company's matrix, the formation of an industrial structure of the Iron Triangle came into being。 Internet home improvement desperately overthrow the traditional home improvement, related materials and distributors are also looking for direction in the reform, and the traditional home improvement company, either waiting to be subverted or cooperate with the Internet companies, they together strung the chain 。

This industry is difficult to have a standard, from the real estate development stage, there is no standard building, it is difficult to learn from Japan, Singapore factory to user mode。 Therefore, the Internet home improvement can be a simple product entrance, ripped open the finished home improvement this super entrance, we see, waiting for the furniture market entrepreneurs, is the traditional home improvement business grabbing snatch, the real estate business to swallow the downstream, pure online home improvement company Scramble。

Third, get in touch with soft loaded home entrance

Soft home delivery is another important entrance to the furniture industry. With the advent of the era of consumer upgrades, the degree of assembly of the home improvement industry will be higher and higher, the industry tends to be standardized, soft loading as a branch of the home improvement industry is no exception, the development of the overall soft loading industry is to improve the living standards of residents The inevitable trend. Soft packs are fast moving consumer goods, is the user a lifetime of continuous exposure to the matter, just to do soft-loaded product supply chain platform, are likely to create a super entrance.

However, in the era of escalating consumption, there has not been a single company in the area of soft goods that can quickly replicate and meet the needs of the middle class. In fact, the software and hardware can not always cut apart look, in contrast, the distinction between foreign hardware and software is not so obvious, the entire industry is very standardized, the user wants is the ultimate WYSIWYG effect. Home improvement product promotion, word of mouth is far greater than the hard-line word of mouth, but also depends on whether the user buy it.

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